Birthday Gift Woes

I’ve definitely reached that point in life where I make it absolutely impossible for others to buy birthday gifts for me.  My birthday is in a couple days, yet I’ve given my family no indication whatsoever of anything I might want.  The simple fact is, I don’t want anything.  Oh sure, I’d love to have a new sports car or huge new TV, but even if I had the money for such things I’d need to get them myself.  (You can’t give big dollar gifts.  It simply does not work.)  As far as lower price gifts, there’s nothing I really want.  Any electronics I want, I buy for myself.  Same thing with CDs and DVDs.  What’s that leave?  Well, I always need more socks.


One Response to “Birthday Gift Woes”

  1. Cher Says:

    My husband has already reached that point. Let me tell you.. people HATE that. You better come up with something or you’ll get Nothing!

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