Test Blog Entry

Part of my gene pool

Nothing is quite as boring as meaningless ramblings, unless, of course, you count meaningless ramblings that are supposed to be a test.  So, here you have it.  My first ever blog and it is a complete waste of your time and mine. 

 And isn’t it presumptuous for me to refer to it as a test?  I mean, come on.  This site was built by genuine computer geeks that spend all day doing this stuff.  Blogs are posted everyday by tens of thousands of people, with hundreds of thousands of readers.  And here I am, claiming to be doing a test.  Doesn’t seem real necessary, does it?

 Part of the reason for doing this is to be able to use my own name before that poser “filmmaker” in New York grabs my name again.

 Oh.  The pic is my grandparents.  Again, just wanted to see how adding photos works.  Pathetic.


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